Special Offers

Loyalty Program

1. Double Delight: Embrace the joy of sharing! Elevate your experience with a 14g share, and enjoy a complimentary 2g of a RANDOM strain. Because every shared moment deserves a touch of surprise and delight.


2. Beautiful Bonanza: Let's take it a step further together! Make a substantial 28g share, and watch your share blossom with a generous complimentary 3.5g
of a RANDOM strain. It's more than a share; it's an investment in elevated experiences.


3. Three-Day Triumph: Why settle for one moment of joy when we can share it over three days? Make a 7g share for three consecutive days, and on the fourth share, relish the magic of a complimentary 7g of a RANDOM strain. Loyalty rewarded, and satisfaction multiplied.

Referral Program

Share the joy, earn the reward! Introduce a friend, but make sure they contact us directly to make a connection an order. We'll confirm with a call, and if they mention you, enjoy a complimentary 3.5g of a RANDOM strain along with your next shared experience. Simple, authentic, and rewarding—spread the word!

Birthday Promo

Birthdays are meant to be special, and we want to make yours extraordinary! If it's your birthday, and you place an order, enjoy a complimentary product worth $50 on us. Because birthdays should be celebrated with the finest cannabis delights!

Simply show proof of your birthdate during your purchase, and let the birthday festivities begin!

Customer of The Month Program

At Pull Up Deliveries, we believe in celebrating our incredible customers! Each month, we'll select three outstanding individuals based on their order value to be crowned as our Customer of the Month.  

Our top three customers will each receive a special reward: 1st Place (free 28g of any strain), 2nd Place (free 14g of any strain), 3rd Place (free 7g of any strain). It's our way of saying thank you for choosing Pull Up Deliveries and being part of our cannabis community! Stay tuned to see if you're our next Customer of the Month!